It is an elementary, middle and high school. through a high-level screening process. on the basis of quality, discipline and self-sufficiency.
Quality is our periority


It is a place for learning the Quran. with a modern curriculum that enables children to memorize, understand, and read the Quran in a very short time.


is a child-rearing setting, prepared by specially trained educators. ready to produce children who are ready to thrive, intellectually and physically. Our Prophet’s (pbuh) discipline

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"Our aim is to turn our thoughts into reality. We base this on achieving the goals of our students"

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Xafladda Ardayda ka qalin jebineyso qur`anka kariimka feb 2020

xafladaan waxaa loo qaban doo arday ka qalin jebisay 30 jus ee qur`aanka kariimka iyo hingaad. waxa ayna ka dhici doontaa magaalada muqdisho waxa...
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Mis Iyo Dalxiiska xeebta Jaziira

Ardayda kaalmaha hore galay iyo waalidoontooda oo dalxiis loo waday
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MIS OO Xarun cusub oo Casri ah ka furanaayo Muqdisho

Madarasada MIS ayaa xarun cusub oo casri ah ka furanaysa magaalada mugadisho dhamaadka bisha Feb 2020. xaruntaan cusub ayaa noqon doonto xarunti  6-a...
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MIS is combined the common core curriculum together with online resources to build a unique curriculum that reflects MIS’s values. At MIS we offer a comprehensive, vigorous curriculum that is carefully designed to engage students and give them a solid foundation from which they can achieve high levels of academic and personal attainment. These teaching methods and materials will encourage our students to develop critical thinking skills which will eventually help them think creatively. The scope and sequence and related curricular are based on Islamic Foundation of the school. At MIS, our focus is to enable all students to reach their fullest intellectual, moral, creative and physical potential.